Invited Talks & Workshops

Timpe-Laughlin, V., Sydorenko, T., & Dombi, J. (2023, March). Research methods in L2 pragmatics. Invited workshop to be delivered at the 2023 conference of the American Association of Applied Linguistics (AAAL). Portland, OR.

Timpe-Laughlin, V. (2022, September). The pros and cons for using spoken dialogue systems for teaching and learning L2 pragmatics. Keynote speech at the Pragmatics & Language Learning (PLL) Conference, Honolulu, HI. Remote via zoom.

Timpe-Laughlin, V., & Ohta, R. (2021, November). Language teacher development in relation to TOEFL family assessments. Invited symposium on Language Learning and assessment innovations in the TOEFL family at the Asian Association for Language Assessment (AALA), Seoul, Korea. Remote via Zoom.

Timpe-Laughlin, V. (2021, March). Methodological developments in assessing L2 pragmatics. Invited talk and webinar at the British Association of Applied Linguistics (BAAL), TEASIG. Remote via Zoom.

Timpe-Laughlin, V. (2021, February). Assessing L2 pragmatics: Opportunities and challenges. Invited talk at the Language Assessment Student Organization at Iowa State University. Remote via WebEx.

Timpe-Laughlin, V. (2020, February). Development of bilingual children and how to support it at home. Invited talk at the German Language School of Morris County. Morristown, NJ.

Davis, L., & Timpe-Laughlin, V. (2018, November). Assessing spoken interaction: How can technology help? Plenary presented at the IATEFL Testing and Assessment Special Interest Group. London, UK.

Timpe-Laughlin, V. (2018, November). Raising bilingual children: Myths, advantages, and practical tips. Professional development workshop. Basking Ridge, NJ.

Timpe-Laughlin, V. (2018, October). Bilingual parenting. Workshop on raising children with multiple languages. Bernardsville, NJ.

Timpe-Laughlin, V., Schmidgall, J., & Chapelle, C. (2018, July). Toward a construct definition of the pragmatics of workplace English. Paper presented at the Annual International Systemic Functional Linguistic Association Congress (AAAL Invited Colloquium). Boston, MA.

Timpe-Laughlin, V. (2018, May).Panel discussant for the EALTA Special Interest Group Meeting: Assessing speaking. Bochum, Germany.

Timpe-Laughlin, V. (2017, September). Technology-mediated language instruction. Invited by and held at Anne-Frank Gymnasium, Halver, Germany.

Ramanarayanan, V., Timpe-Laughlin, V., Tsuprun, E., Evanini, K., & Sundermann-Oeft, D.(2017, July). Designing conversational items using spoken dialog technology. Workshop given at the Society for Text & Discourse. Held at the Sonesta Philadelphia Rittenhouse Square, Philadelphia, PA.

Timpe-Laughlin, V. & Han-Ting Liu, H. (2016, March). Designing a self-access tool for L2 pragmatics learning and assessment. Invited talk at The Second Teachers College/ETS Forum on Teaching, Learning, and Assessment of English Language Learners. Columbia University, NY.

Timpe, V. (2014, June). Pragmatics as a means to foster intercultural learning in EFL/ESL education. Invited talk at TU Dortmund University, Germany.

Timpe, V. (2013, June). The Dependence of socio-pragmatic competence on learning opportunities: A fairness issue for English language learning and assessment? Invited talk at the Educational Testing Service, Princeton, NJ.

Timpe, V. (2013, February). The Common European Framework in language teaching and assessment. Workshop for secondary-level EFL teachers. Held at the University of Münster, Germany.

Timpe, V. (2013, January). Pragmatics in the EFL classroom. Workshop for EFL teachers in secondary education. Held at TU Dortmund University (Germany) in cooperation with the Ministry of Education.

Timpe, V. (2012, November). Standard setting ‘Listening and Reading Comprehension Assessment for German Secondary School examinations.’ Invited by the German Institute for International Educational Research, Frankfurt, Germany.

Timpe, V. (2009, November). Slave images on American financial documents. Invited talk presented at the Università degli Studi di Trieste, Italy & Italian-American Association, Trieste, Italy.