Research projects (selection)


This is an Erasmus Plus grant project, in which we investigate how the large-scale, standardized assessments included in the TOEFL® Young Student Series can drive and promote high-quality English language instruction for every child.

Innovating and Building Understanding to Improve Language Development with Information Technology


We are conducting a research study with preschools across New Jersey to get a better understanding of what is happening in the classrooms relative to world language learning, social emotional learning, and the use of technology.

Learning & Assessment in U.S. Preschool and Kindergarten Classrooms


Using the Delphi technique, we are exploring the construct of “a task” in the primary school second/foreign language classroom. The goal of the study is to obtain a better understanding of the characteristics that constitute a task (i.e., What are the criteria that classify an activity in the YL classroom as a task?).

Exploring the Construct of “Task” in the Young Learner Language Classroom